I don't like to be the one to bring this up but consider the following:

Note that no affiliate links are permitted anywhere throughout the site. In addition, most Internet Marketing forums prohibit referring to your website by name or supplying its URL.

I was reading a post early this morning about a new linux forum being put up and I thought it was a good idea so I responded to it. I didn't realize until I read the above that having a link to another site was illegal but later I found the original post and my response missing in action. I'm speculating that it's because it had a link to his new forum in the message??

That OK, I can see the point and have no problem with it, if that's the reason it was deleted, fine.

However, I see signatures with links in them - some of them in signatures of moderators. And these are not forums but blatent advertising.

Can someone enlighten me? I realize I could be wrong about the reason the post this morning was deleted, so...don't hammer me, please!


Links - even those that advertise your own site - are permitted in signatures. There is a ten post minimum before you can create a forum signature, and it is our way of saying thanks for contributing to our community. It's your space :)

The reason why we don't allow any self-promotion URLs of any kind in the Internet Marketing forums is because so many people post: "How can I get more traffic to my site www.mysite.com?" or "Please help me promote www.mysite.com" - it just became so overwhelming and ridiculous that every other post is spam. The Internet Marketing section is meant to be a place where webmasters can interact and share ideas, thoughts, suggestions, etc. Not an advertising medium - that is limited to the Site Reviews forum and Webmaster Marketplace (where there is a 10 post minimum).

As far as the thread you posted in that was deleted. It wasn't me who deleted it, and I haven't run into the thread, so I'm not sure. What forum was it in?

Then the wording "no affiliate links are permitted anywhere throughout the site" are confusing...

Anyway, I guess I'm wrong about the post being deleted. But I swear I wasn't dreaming. I actually can go to his site and find my registration that I did after I saw his post.

However, I did a search on my posts and the one I responded to him with is no longer there. His post in Geek's Lounge is no longer there - he double posted in another forum but I can't remember which one it was. Stranger still, his user name is not in the member list (it was RestInPieces, IF I'm remembering it right) might be mistaken on the spelling. You can't remove yourself once you have registered, can you?

It's not a biggie, just a strange set of circumstances...

If he posted in multiple places about his site, then odds are a moderator did, indeed, delete them. Especially if it was one of his first few posts - smells like he just came to this site to spam. You must have at least one post to be in the members list - if the only posts he made were spam, and they were deleted, then he will no longer be listed in the members list, as well.

That explains it, Dani. Thanks for the explanation. I did not notice the number of posts he had made since I don't normally pay attention to that.

So, is there an acceptable way to promote a new site? I guess what I'm asking is, how would you do it and how would you make it by the rules and not obnoxious?

Zeroth I am the one who deleted those posts because they were posted in two forums and were pretty much blatant advertising asking people to join so that he will make them mods and top it of he didnt have any other posts besides the ones advertising his site. As far as your second question is concerned about how to promote a new site well there is this Daniweb directory here one can exchange links with Daniweb through that. Once you have over 10 posts you can have a link to your site/forum in your signature. 10 posts will also allow you to post your site in the review forum, that way others will give you feedback on your site. If you think all this is insufficient you can always buy sponsership on daniweb :)


Hi Scribbller, I didn't have a problem with the deletion, just wondered what happened. Thanks for the pointers. I will pass that on to the poster. I'm not connected and only saw his posts, so at this point, I'm not sure if I'm going to get involved to any great extent, but it seems a worthwhile project. I think he will do some link exchanges with you. I didn't even know you could do that. There is a whole to know about how these forums work and I just haven't had the time to check it all out.

Regards back...