It would be nice if there was a subforum for marketing types under water cooler. There are a lot of sales engineers that would be drawn here for that, and most of them are techies that changed to marketing at some point.

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We have an entire category devoted to Internet Marketing ... http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/forum25.html

Promotion and Marketing Techniques forum
Search Engine Optimization

I have actually thought and debated in the past about including non-Internet marketing stuff. However, we already just cover SO much - everything that falls under the umbrella of IT. That I don't feel it's time to expand into anything non-IT. We will still discuss in Promotion Techniques how to advertise online websites, offline.


Hi Dani, yes, I´ve seen that but I´m not referring to internet marketing specifically or non-IT marketing.

I´m just interested in a subforum for IT-sales-related job offerings. We have programmers, etc., why not one for technical sales?

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