Just quickly i was wondering if there was any way to remove a forum from the "My Favorite Forum" section. I have Software Development Job Offers in there just because on time in the python forum i posted on a thread saying it should get moved, then it did get moved and now it looks like i have posted in that forum.

So in essence im just wondering if there is anywhere in the control panel that i can use to unsubscribe from them.


Your favorite forums are dynamically generated based on where you post. It only selects the top X forums you post in though, so a forum with just one post will eventually fall off the radar.

If you link me to the thread I can remove the "moved" redirection shadow, and that *should* fix it the next time your favorite forums are calculated.

Ah, i guess i can just ignore it. I was just worried that every forum i would post in would be added to the "my favourite" section.

Thanks Dani