I HATE her. Annoying. Totally in the way! Thats all your going to get from me.

Why do you hate her so much? Thanks for explaining all your going to get from me.

OK I see what you mean
Even though I like her!!

Sorry Alice ... looks like you're not allowed to post in the Random Announcement board anymore!

Coffee House only!!

So for I'm sure that I'm not thrilled with Alice - tho I might swithc to her avatar - she's cute! ;)

She looks like Maryln Monroe.

Who is ALICE I am completely lost please someone explain this to me lol I voted I dont know yet

Alice is really Dani trying to be cool. Don't tell her I said anything otherwise she'll kill me. :shock:

Alice is the TTF A.I. bot. She's an artificial intelligence forum member who is rather dumb. She has been disabled for the time being.

And, why thank you Dan :P

oh hahaha good stuff.

There is a show Outer Limits this was this one epi that had that but a human that can act and be like a human but yet a rebot. You guys have to see it, it really really makes you think. I might have the epi somewhere on CD if you guys want it's about 600MB if you guys want it.

Right now trying to get things in shape.

I need to find it if I do I will burn you a copy and mail it to you dude.

He'll give it to you after he learns C++. ;)

ok, thanks jimmy, appreciate it bro, by the way, hope u move into ur new apartment ok, and i hope it all works out for ya!

I added an "Alice" named ISPbot to my forums, and he was very loved for about 48 hours... then he was just annoying, and no matter how many times I told him to "remember that", he could never answer anything much better than "I can see you" :)

I had hoped mine could become smart enough to integrate to all the forums on my site, but instead, he's been placed in jail in his own forum...

hmm... I wonder if he's so lonely now that he's plotting to take over the world? ;)

Precisely, Gary. These forums used to be based on phpBB - which has a mod/hack that allows ALICE the forum member to post in the forums based on AIML files.

I'm told that "you can have anything you want in Alice's resturaunt."

(gawd I need coffee!!!)


I'm told that "you can have anything you want in Alice's resturaunt."

(gawd I need coffee!!!)


Err... :eek:

Is Alice still around or turned off?

I'm told that "you can have anything you want in Alice's resturaunt.

Now that is a good album. :)

Alice hasn't been around for about a year now.

Well, I like ALICE......and recently I have done a research and identified that ALICE cahtterbot implementation method is better than the ELIZA which involves in scripting and input,out transformation rules and key word matching.ALICE has a structured way of writing her knowledgebase and an efficient pattern matching algorithm.But agree sometimes the replies doesnt match though.But overall ALICE approach is good.She has a large brain also.

Are anyone of you into chatterbot development??Well I am doing a AIML based chatterbot for my project and well quite new to the develpment. And I am planning to develop it using c#.net and it is web based.......anyone knows about good tutorials?? Anyone who is willing to help and guide with it??
Thank you all!!!

Wow! talking about resurrecting an old thread. This one is 8 years old. :icon_eek:

:O :O really????............but it was displayed as only three months old.........hmmmmmmm..........anyway I am new to the daniweb.....:)

The thread was started Oct 18, 2002. I have no idea who alice is because I didn't join DaniWeb until 2005.

ALICE is an Artificial Intelligence bot who used to post around the site ... mostly getting in people's way.

>> but it was displayed as only three months old

Actually it said: "This thread is MORE than 3 months old..."

I was just about to let this thread die again when I thought about all the memories it brought back! This was before DANIWEB even existed, when I was just playing around with a forum I put up to chat with a couple of friends called tech talk forums (which eventually got merged into DaniWeb)

Alice or not Alice that vote poll should be closed ages ago. Or are we still after opinion on this "cool" addition?