how the hudge am I meant to add a (real) signature?

This isn't a real sig. I'm just cheating :)

You mean your hand written signature ?? scan it n attach a link in your sig .... but I dont think you're allowed to display an image in your signatures on daniweb.

I looked up signature in dictionary for signature and I got this :

A distinctive mark, characteristic, or sound indicating identity

So you can type in something that describes your character or ident.

No I mean my sig. As in sig short for signature. I can't actually find the place on my control panel where I get to type in my own sig. I guess I should have been more specific. Sorry for wasting your cyberink, nanosani. :o

You have to have posted 10 times to get the sig...

There is a little bit of delay from when you make your 10th post to when you can actually add the signature (not sure why). So if you view your control panel now you should able to see where to add your sig. If not today then definitley by tomorrow

Now that you have 17 posts .. you can access your control panel and on the left menu you'll find edit signature on top.


(N.B. I had 10 posts when I posted this topic)