Okay, first off. I have noticed that if i 'up' an answer that was at -1 it suddenly goes to 1. Does that mean my up vote is worth 2? Or does it just skip 0?

As well, is this separate from rep? or will it add onto your rep?

Just a bit confused about the whole system, thats all :P

Well to find out you should check your profile under the reputation section to see how much reputation modification power you have. Because different members effect other members reputation more strongly than others. I think it's based on how much reputation you have received and how many posts you've made. I just checked your profile and you have a negative reputation power of -2 and a positive reputation power of 4.

No. The up and down arrow buttons do not affect your rep. They are for where you want to discredit a post without permanently destroying someone (useful if you are a longtime member [tradition repping power has a little to do with post count] - sometimes i want to disagree, but if i neg-repped someone before, it would send them straight into the red)

Then why don't yous just redesign how the reputation system works so that people can't destroy others rep. In other words why not make the reputation system less sensitive with a limit?