I have been here for about a year and a half. I originally was only going to stay for just one question but fell in love with the community. So i would like to change my username to something more identifying.

So could i change it to "Paul Thompson"? I would just like people to know who i am when i am posting. Rather than getting called paulthom all the time :P


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Yeah, we generally let people do it once, youll need an admin (happygeek usually does them) to do it for you though.

Should be fine. I used to be proliant_fan (Reason i joined was help with setting up a compaq proliant 1600 server) and then i changed it to my name - James Bennet (jbennet).

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Yeah, i heard about that :P I just use paulthom12345 for all of my usernames, but seeing i am actually doing something here rather than just popping in and out i thought it would be nice to change :P

I'll wait for an admin then :)


Heh, I did the same thing, the first time it was williamhemswort, a typo in my username! Then got it split to
william hemsworth, then decided I wanted it capitalized to William Hemsworth :icon_lol:

Thanks again for your patience happygeek :)


Heh, I did the same thing, the first time it was williamhemswort

Hehe, I remember when you were called that, I used to wonder if you had warts everywhere ;)

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Haha :)
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