Dani, I have emailed you about this matter but I did not get a response ( didnt expect one, cause I know you get ALOT of email. ) But my site has a Tweak forum for Windows and things, because my site is a gaming site and gamers like computer so I put a tweak forum on there, sort of like yours except mine is just a main topic it doesnt expand into 98, 2000 or anything like that.

But Anyway, main point is I have been pulling articles from your Tweak forum and just stating where I got it from on every one, and also stated that any damages be made by your computer, keyhunt is not liable for. So I state where I get this from and also state the maker of the thread on here. If this is not acceptable please tell me I will be more than happy to remove them I just thought I would ask instead of just doing it.

big curt~

Also, how do you get that box right under thread title make stating to be very specific I like that VERY MUCH.


I apologize for not replying to your e-mail. I actually don't remember seeing it so it's possible my SPAM filter caught it before it landed in my inbox. (Email must actually pass through three layers of SPAM protection before there's even a chance I'll get to it.)

The following is copied from the FAQ, which is accessible by clicking the link at the top of any page on the site:

Additionally, DaniWeb reserves full rights to information posted to anywhere within the daniweb.com domain by its members and staff. Any and all information posted on DaniWeb may not be copied or used elsewhere, in any way, shape, or form, either on the Internet or in print.

dang, ok well I just found your resource to be helpful and though my members would also. Ok, well I will remove then.

thanks anyway.

Why don't you link to our Windows tips 'n' tricks forum instead? Doing so will allow you to put your site in our link directory. And if you send us traffic, you will also be listed in the sidebar of all of our forum pages in the category you submitted to!

Yea, sounds great but I have a whole forum dedicated to Tweaks and tips, I will link to your site and make it a sticky..BUT if I do that, I still need to fill up my forums with goodies, just like you did..how am I gonna do this when telling people about daniweb is only gonna take up 1 thread :(...how about I link back to your site in a sticky and in the threads and you dont have to link back to mine HEHE. I just needed some cool tweaks and tips and thought these would be great.

You can create a thread to link to each one of our tweaks if you'd like? But please don't copy any of our content - it is the lifeline of our site.