I was wondering how many posts you need to post before you move to the next "rank" - for example: Junior Poster, Posting Whiz, Guru Poster, etc.


If you have a quick question about rank then maybe I might have a quick answer for ya.

Junior Poster >= 0 posts
Posting Whiz >= 100 posts
Senior Poster >= 250 posts
Guru Poster >= 500 posts

The little stars under usernames are also post-related. You get a new star for every 1,000 posts.

thanx dani!

how do people become moderators?

good question... I think Dani picks them if they've been extremely prominent/helpful members of the Daniweb team over a long period of time. :cool:

Good contributing members get voted in (nominated) by other moderators on the team. They're then discussed behind the scenes, where the member's pros and cons are weighed, and then they're either accepted or not.

that makes sense. thanx!

sorry 2 double post, but i was wondering if i could recommend someone to u who i think should be a moderator? He's server_crash.

Yeah, server_crash is cool, maybe not mod cool tho', but who am I to say?

As for double posting, you can always edit your old posts to add something else in... :-|

Just wondering (not that I care too much about ranking), did newbie poster replace junior poster or is that a time based thing?

*edit: and sorry to revive this thread from the ages of old, didn't see it was over 2 years old :p

Junior Poster comes after Newbie Poster. You'll get there eventually :)

whats next for me?

There's no guaranteed way to know since you have access to custom usertitles :)

i do?

i thaught only members did

Moderators can set custom user titles. You're a mod.

hmm , maybe i should start a thread (poll?) about what i should change it to...

maybe "unsocial persona" ;)

commented: Heh, how about 'destination - Dani post count!' ;-) +20

lol, in fact SOS, i have already surpassed that

How come mine says "postaholic" instead?

Maybe because you're a postaholic?

Have the ranks changed? In your post at the beginning Dani you said that you get to posting whiz >= 100 posts, well you only just get your junior poster at that point :P

Yeah. Nothing changed lately, but that first post was from 2005.

Whoops *remembers to look at start dates before posting* sorry