I have been asking for some time to move forum28 to it's own main forum in web development instead of being a subforum of web design but it seems everybody has been confused about what I am talking about. So I've now started my own thread... Anyways, it seems that Graphics and Multimedia (forum28) is more than just web design but cover a wide area such as 3d modeling, cad, flash so that is why I was asking if it is possible to move forum28 (Graphics & Multimedia forum) up a level so it appears just below the web development category instead of the web design category. Then the forum will be more accessible and you might even get more visits in that forum since it would then be in the top grey menu.

Above is my main question but if you have the time to spare then please read the below...

In addition I thought I would mention about the php code tag. It could be improved a little while not urgent. I notice the php code tags do not notice the difference between html and php. Shouldn't the php code tags have in its algorithm set so that inside <?php and ?> is php code and all other code is html code? Also note both html and php can be used in the same script. Just would make some code cleaner on the php forums.


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I actually think it was a seperate board before the site got redesigned a few years ago... as opposed to being under web devel.