Vote on how GREAT daniweb is!!! :mrgreen:

Woo! 9 it is!

Hey I'm a little confused... why did a super mod say 5?!?!?!

Heh heh... i guess hes just being humble ;)

Probably because he didn't realize that the votes were public :) Oh catweazle ............!! I'm just going to have to beat him over the head with a, umm, a ... well, I"ll think of something :)

More because I'm scrupulously honest!

Daniweb is wonderful. Daniweb is growing and improving constantly. Daniweb is a place I'm proud to be involved with. Daniweb is certainly moving towards 'greatness'.

But I don't hand out superlatives very easily, and 'greatness' is not one I'd yet accord to any computer help forum I've ever come across, this one included. By my own standards, the '5' is a big compliment, and about as far toward 'great' as any computer help site would be currently given by me :D

Dani, throw a brick at me or hit me with your pillow. I know ya loves me anyway :D

* hugs Dani...........

I vote 10 on the greatness of the original poster's brown nose :o

Instead of rating what you see, how about expressing reasons why it isn't a 10? - So we can improve, of course!

Im new but i think this site is fab :D alot of good information, one thing i getting a little annoyed with is all the banners etc but you have to make your cash somewhere so its understandable :D

it's great i'v always got the right answers to problems and i;v recomended it loads of other peps

nice to see you like it! I like it too!

Its fantastic that the answers are free, too! One thing i can't stand is searching for help with google and finding a link to experts exchange!


The color schemes (note the plural) and the banners make me wonder what I'm looking at... Other than that the content and people are there. :-P


I think she's a perfect 10. Dani and the web, that is ;)