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I was in the middle of moving some discussion posts into their own thread from a help thread and got his nose bent because it wasn't pretty yet. The discussion was getting long and was unnecessary to the OP. J thinks I was doing it to make him look bad. You know how he is.


I tried to offer a few additional or redesigned smileys, but they were rejected. I figured there should be a difference between ;) and :P since they mean totally different things. Then J could have used :P as intended and not be misunderstood. :icon_wink:

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for the life of me, i do not understand why ;) is rendered the same as :P ... it is really annoying. i use :P alot, and i don't really use ;) very much except for certain occasions.

now, everyone thinks I'm a ;) kind of guy when i'm actually just your basic sort :P chap.

knowutimean? :P


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