Hello everyone and welcome to TechTalk! There have been quite a few problems the last day or two, that I'm sure most of you have noticed.

Firstly, our server was down for a lil bit due to network outages.

Secondly, I haven't been feeling too good lately and I actually fell asleep in the middle of making some major modifications to the database!

Thirdly, I just upgraded from phpBB 2.0.3 to 2.0.4, so there are probably still a lot of quirks that need to be worked out. I hacked and hacked and hacked some more, but, well ... there's still some stuff I just can't get working yet!

Looking good so far. Feel better.

Hey Dan, thanx ... I know you don't like the news headlines on the index page (you don't even have to tell me - I know already!) but tough :P

If I got my way I would just put all the recent news headlines on the homepage and put the forum index on a secondary page ... but I know you'd kill me if I did that one again.

BTW the sql errors you were getting were because I was in the middle of upgrading the forum software and I ended up taking a nap halfway through. ;) I didn't wake up until the next day!

I just remembered another idea I was thinking of. I was thinking about how I wanted the board index to be on a separate page. So I thought maybe I could set www.techtalkforums.com to be the listing of recent topics, announcements, etc and if you wanted to go straight to the board index, you could visit forums.techtalkforums.com - alternatively, the board index would just be one link down from the announcement page

is this also going to be shot down?
i know how much ya'll want the forum links on the homepage

2nd: GET SOME SLEEP! :-(
3rd: you've worked very hard in establishing techtalkforums.com - why dilute the product? make the forums links/a linked section or make the headlines links or a linked section, no?

If you also wanted to concentrate on news in depth (not just small headlines) maybe create news.techtalkforums.com. Just an idea.

It's not a matter of personal taste, regarding why I don't approve of the headlines being on the index page. It's more of an issue of usability. This is supposedly a forum website (hence the name), so a user expects to see a forum upon entering. It's a good idea to put tech news on the homepage but it clashes with the name "techtalkforums." If I go to a web site with the name "sqlstoredprocedures.com" I should be displayed on the home page information regarding stored procedures, not information technology, even if information technology is related with stored procedures.

Of course, techies won't mind, but you have to also think like a simple user (computer newbie).

Dani, i'm sorry, but i have to agree w/Dan here - "forums.techforums.com" seems a bit redundante... jmho. sidenote to Dan: very interesting that you would make that ~sql~ url references as i've just started picking up sql myself, but that's a topic for another thread...