Since the makeover, when entering a thread with "Go to last post" the browser 'back' button is not available.
This does not happen in Firefox.

It is because of the way that chrome handles the javascript. Notice when you hover the mouse over the Go to last post button the link that is displayed down the bottom is a javascript link. Therefore chrome will not see it as you clicking a link so much. Because to the best of my understanding, you clicking that link runs a short script that return the destination to your browser, therefore chrome does not see it as a point to return to with the back button..

Though i must admit i do miss it. :S

It has something to do with the way the window is opening in _self.
The history is lost.

In Firefox/Opera/IE/Safari(PC) the 'back' button continues to work as expected.
Chrome is the odd browser out. It seems to be acting as if the specified "true" for the 'replace' parameter. If that's the case, setting that parameter to "false" should fix Chrome without breaking anyone else.

Of course replacing onclick= with a simple link [the way it used to be] would eliminate the problem without having to test what every browser does with that optional parameter.

i would love a simple link. Because then i could open it in a new tab

Click and hold the mouse on the back button of Google chrome.

Click and hold the mouse on the back button of Google chrome.

No offence, but you better sort problems with website linked in your profile (scrolling is screwed up for starter) before you give some valuable feedback...

Click and hold the mouse on the back button of Google chrome.

That is useless when - as happens here - the page is opened in such a way that the previous page is not in the history.

In the worst case [clicking on a desktop link to a forum and then clicking immediately on a 'go to last'] the history in Chrome is completely empty: you can hold the mouse down until the cows come home and nothing will happen.