I applied for the "Dinner with Dani" a while ago but haven't heard anything else. I also didn't see any mention of when things would be finalized etc. Is the status "wait patiently"? Or did I miss something?



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> Or did I miss something?

Well, you could say that. Dani's been taken to a sanitorium to get over the abuse directed at her lovely self following the makeover. We have been advised that the event will be alcohol and meat-free in order to avoid the temptations of her falling off the wagon again. Priority for the allocation of tickets has been given to the loudest dissenters. They will be treated to a special cocktail, named 'Element-33' on arrival, followed by a unique dinner party game titled "Saw VIII - Live".

Do you qualify? Hurry up and do some serious abusing now - there's still time left!

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You're funny, but this is tactless.

ardav you ain't right you ain't left but you ain't all right either LOL. Later---


Hey there,

There is very limited seating available at the Dinner with Dani event compared to the number of applications we've received. We are accepting people based on the criteria that you filled out in the survey.

If you haven't received a dinner ticket, you are more than welcome and encouraged to come to the after party from 10 pm to 2 am, where there will be a free open bar the first hour followed by raffles, giveaways and fun!


I would like to apologise unreservedly for my previous post. It was indeed tactless, as pointed out. Sorry Dani and everybody else.


We are no longer accepting applications for a dinner ticket. If you are a contributing DaniWeb member and you'd like to attend, please shoot me a PM or an email and I'll try to get you on the list.

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