I noticed that the icode button was removed from the post editor. Why?

Just a suggestion in case this ICODE button re-appears.

Would it be possible to display it as e.g. "INLINE", instead of the previous "ICODE"? I think that would cut down the number of posts with code snippets encased in ICODE tags (there are lots of those).

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The button is going back. It's just taking awhile to figure out how to specify the width of the button.

I have noticed that there is no longer a help page in the FAQ on how to use [TAGS] in the editor. Can we please get a help button? Maybe after the check spelling button?

It would be helpful if the help included best-practices and examples :)

I differ on the opinion of renaming the [icode]

[/icode] tags, since the tags for placing a code snippet are [code]

[/code], the 'I' in 'ICODE' menaing the 'Inline'

I think suggestion was only to mark the button INLINE, not to change the tag itself. By the way the button has not reappeared.

When sending private mail to other, by the way, [code] by itself does not work, I have to edit and put , at least based on preview feature.[CODE=PYTHON], at least based on preview feature.