I saw a post today that I said "hm I'd like to have a closer look at that tonight". Is there anyway to "mark" or "flag" a thread to put it in your "favorites" or something like that?


Click the "Subscribe To This Thread" envelope icon at the top of the thread. It will then appear in your Subscribed Threads list in your User Control Panel.

Hm, but every time I reply to a thread, it gets added to my subscription list (which I enjoy, so I can follow up). So if I just mark one more (the one I want to remember to follow up with) as "subscribe", it won't stand out so I'll see it later. Know what I mean?


I understand what you mean, but subscribing to a thread is the only function I'm aware of that would be close to what you're wanting.

You have two options.

Option one = you can have multiple subscription folders. You can separate all threads to follow up with in a separate subscription folder.

Option two = you can stop automatically subscribing to threads you post in. Just use the subscribed threads feature for threads you want to follow up with. You can use the link at the bottom of the page to see all threads you posted in.

Very cool. I made a "Follow Up" folder and then I can use "Move to folder" to put threads in there.