hey cscgal... i didn't know your Dani Horowitz, until i thoroughly researched you out of curioisity :D , btw its very nice if daniweb has a notification on thread responses, coz like now i had to open thunderbird, so i can have a notification, coz thunderbird will display a pop-up notification when new email is received, its nice if daniweb can make a notification like facebook :)

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The comment below mine is creepy.
Dani Horowitz is her mild-mannerd alter ego that works as a reporter for The Daily Daniweb. Only after going into a telephone booth and taking off her fake "Dinner With Dani" glasses does she become cscgal!

hi sorry for posting this here bt i don't where else i can do this, however what up with the footer links??

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they dont seem to be working on ma comp, plus whould u add the link for adding forums always accessible on whateva page....this would be quite good if u did it anywaz have a gd day



Please use standard English. For example, "you" instead of "u" , "whatever" instead of "whateva", etc.


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thanks, you beat me to it!
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