I'm just posting to say that I love the new style. Much better than the old one :D

If I find any bugs I will tell you


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I have just found a bug...

At the top of a thread/forum, vBulletin shows which forum or thread you are looking at. Usually, if you click the 'Daniweb IT Community' link, it takes you back to the forum index. Instead it now takes you to the daniweb homepage.

Is this a bug, or is it supposed to be like that?


It's supposed to be like that :)

The idea of this new style is for the main site navigation to be the six main categories (the colored tabs at the top). Therefore, we're no longer separating the site out by script but instead by category of interest. Instead, the site's homepage is the root index.php page - and everything is a category of that :)

A good example of this is by clicking on the Software Development tab, you'll be encountered with Software Dev forums, Software Dev blogs, and Software Dev tutorials, all in one convenience place. :)


Ah, OK. But anyway, I really like the style, but as was said in the other New Style thread, there are a bit too many graphics, making it slow to load.



i don't like this style as much as the old one. it seems harder to navigate and read.

maybe i will get used to it. might just be a familiarity issue! :lol:



Actually, I love the new style as well. The new graphics might make the page a little heavy for some, but they look really great. Very nicely done!

The ads aren't overpowering -- they fit perfectly into the design. Everything is very well integrated.

Could the tabs be a little bigger? Hmmm... maybe. The text is a wee bit small for images, but not intolerable.

My only question is... who did your graphics? ;)


Sorry, I just found this thread now. I spotted that bug the other day, as well, and I fixed it.


Dani - OMG - this new look is awesome - very smooth and professional.

Mind if I ask you who the artistic genious is that created this master piece?



Hey there. Thanks for the comments. I did the layout myself while I sought the help of my friend, Chuck, to do the graphic design for me :)


looks fabulous - i like the icons on the front page.

Are you going 3.5 or atleast 3.08 soon?



Right now we're using a patched 3.0.7, so the security holes that 3.0.8 fixes are implemented. We're going to go with 3.5 as soon as it goes gold.


Can I step in line to say how great the forum looks. Especially like the simplicity, also that each forum has it's own color scheme is a really nice touch. Also it loads very quickly as well, despite having broadband, I still see the navigation as exceptionally efficient. Have only recently notcied "Similar Threads" but it's a good idea. Either you have been busy adding content, or I've been half asleep, because I keep noticing new things.

Can I ask why the sub forums were put in to the main page, and then quickly removed. Obviously "Forum Jump" does the job, so I was just wondering.

I did read a really good review about daniweb somewhere, but can't remember where, but have seen other things since, so congrats on yours and the teams success.

Regards, David, MMF

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