I just want to let everyone know that, unfortunately, our user table became corrupt today and we do not have a recent backup.

Unfortuantely, we lost about 40 users. Some of these users currently do not exist in the database at all and the other 25 or so do have posts, but we lost all information about the user including their username, password, and email address. Therefore, they will be unable to login and we do not have their email to inform them of such.

We are still working on this problem. Please stay tuned.

If you cannot log in, please email me at cscgal@daniwebmail.com ... Thanks!!!!!

Wow... well that explains the short time where it became impossible to log in and the following period where the site became non-responsive entirely.

Hope all works out in fixing whatever went wrong :(

On a side note, assuming it didn't go poof during the difficulties there's a rather positive instant message waiting for you cscgal :)

Hey there,

STATUS UPDATE = It turns out we lost a little over 200 members. :(

The following email was sent to just over 200 members:


Please read this email :) Action is required!! Thanks.

I want to begin by thanking you so much for recently joining the DaniWeb community. Unfortunately, technical issues encountered today resulted in severe database corruption. We had to restore a portion of our database from a backup and unfortunately lost the login information for a little over 200 members who recently registered with us.

Your account was one of those that was recently lost. We were able to recover your email address, which is how we are able to email you, but unfortunately we no longer know the username and password you used to create your account. You therefore cannot log into DaniWeb.

If you have posted, your posts have remained intact and been associated with a temporary username. We only lost your username and password.

Can you please email either: cscgal@daniwebmail.com or happygeek@daniwebmail.com with your username and a simple password you would like to use. We will be correcting this problem on an individual basis for each member who emails us. You will then be able to login and change your password yourself.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. I assure you that this is not a regular occurrence here at DaniWeb. Thank you so much for understanding!!



Members are responsive! I fixed about six so far and I just sent out the email 10 minutes ago.

I am curious. Did the database that went poof also store statistic information for the users as well?

It seems like my 'reputation' rating dropped by about 10 points along with a massive chunk of my post count and I'm just guessing that that information was (at least in part) contained within the same user table?

In either event, I'm just glad you guys are having some success in restoring order :) I was having DaniWeb withdrawal hehe

Post count and reputation count is completely being recalculated. Sooooo sorry!!

Is your reputation accurate now? Reputation for all users has been recalculated. Post count is still being brought up to date.

Rep is fine now for me so I'm assuming that much is fixed :)

And no need to apologize hehe, stuff happens and you just work to fix it as you can :)

Post count should be accurate now as well.

>>If you cannot log in, please email me at cscgal@daniwebmail.com ... Thanks!!!!!

That's a bit like the message "keyboard undetected -- press any key to continue" :)

How so?

Confirming from my end that post count appears to be ok now :)

>>That's a bit like the message "keyboard undetected -- press any key to continue"

Only if you assume that someone who can't log in is also unable to read the posts (which I was able to do even at the beginning of the login issue earlier)... Granted, I'm sure newer members (which I assume is the subset that got hit by the table corruption) would not necessarily think to look in that segment of the forums to find the post about what was going wrong :)

To be honest I'm surprised at how quickly you guys managed to pull things back to "normal" around here considering the havock that a corrupted DB table can cause in many complex systems.

Each of the 200+ affected members received the notice about what's wrong by email. They've been each replying to the email one by one with their username and password and I've been repairing each account individually.

We started out with 211 corrupted logins and are now down to 189.

Just following up on the Reputation/Post Count/Etc. part of all of this, rep seems stable and correct (thank you :) ), post count seems stable and correct (thank you :) )...

The only thing seems to be off at the moment is that the profile page shows double the number of solved posts that hovering over a person's avatar would show (the latter being correct) but y'know... what with everything else that's happened I'm thinkin' I can live with that lol.

I'm hoping, if you had a chance to read it, my IM at least cheered you up through all of that craziness there cscgal :P

Edit: Email notification on subscribed threads seems a bit iffy at the moment as well but I actually don't mind the slow-down to the flooding of my inbox anyway lol

Solved threads will be fixed soon. :)

So ya, the only things that seem to be still... erm... "out of whack" are the solved thread count in the profile page (which you've already indicated is being worked on) and the subscription email notifications (which appear to no longer trigger at all, at least for me). Everything else from the user end (at least from what I can see) seems back to norm :)

I just got ~1000 extra rep points, so I guess the DB problems remain?

I just got ~1000 extra rep points, so I guess the DB problems remain?

Maybe it was all those times I bumped you for your hard work :P j/k

While we're updating this, is anyone else not getting subscription notification emails? I noticed mine stopped arriving around the same time cscgal said she'd sent out those ~200 emails but I'm not sure if it's the forum not sending them any more or if somehow, somewhere, one of the mail routers thinks daniweb is a spam source now :(

Edit: oh ya, and solved thread count on user profile page still out of whack

Solved thread count appears normal now :)

While we're updating this, is anyone else not getting subscription notification emails?

No, I haven't gotten any since late on the 7th.

The email server should be working correctly in a little bit, it appears to have freaked out when the database misbehaved, and we're getting it squared away now.

We're getting there :) Got the notification about blud's reply above but it arrived 1h13m after the post lol... but it did arrive at least (first one in a couple of days).

Hahaha... I got 21 emails earlier all at once from the past 2 days of subscription notifications :P