We've got some new features at TechTalk. I set up Printable Topics once again, so everything looks all nice 'n' neat if you wanna print out a thread. Also, and I'm sure you'll notice, we have a new Tell A Friend box where you can send links to threads via email.

However, right now the form to do so is at the bottom of every topic, as opposed to being simply a link. I feel that if it were just a link no one would even bother clicking on it. Do you guys think that it's obtrusive? Would you ever use it? Let me know! Thanks!

Also, I wanna apologize. The site has been down for a lil bit last nite and into this morning (about a half hour max). I'm still working on finding another host!

OK that tell a friend thing was quick lasting. I decided it was really extraneous - no one would use it. And if you wanted to tell a friend about a really good article, you'd AIM them! ;)

Keep up the good work ;-)

Yeah, I figured that the tell a friend thing was sorta like the link listings we used to have. No one bothered to use them b/c there are just so many more efficient ways of sharing info like that nowadays. ;)

The site has always come out pretty good on my printers, but I figured that I might as well add a text-only version of all of the threads. (Especially with the additions of all the programming tutorials, etc)

I'm still waiting for you to implement the feature where I can read new forum threads through the LCD on my microwave. Come on, what's taking you so long! It's easy! =)