I was wondering if my name could be changed to "Ghost." I know you don't usually allow name changes, but when I joined this forum it was because I needed C++ help. That's how I picked my name. Now, I'm posting in many forums, so my name seems a little wierd while posting in the Java forum, for example.

Thank you very much. :cheesy:

The reason that we generally disallow name changes is because this site is a community. And just like in any community, we get to know each other, etc. However, we know each other by our usernames ... and should we be changing them, it would be a huge problem to the growth of the community - no one would know who anyone was anymore. However, I do allow specific requests for name changes. Request honored :)

thank you very much.

It would actually be really great if just for a little while you put "formerly c++" or something like that in your signature. This way all of those who got to know and love you, since you have 200+ posts under your belt here, will learn that you're the same person and get to know you by your new username.

Or those who are curious will check this thread and see for themselves. I do remember seing you post a couple of times as C++. Now I know you're ghost. :)