I noticed that when you try to link to the last page of a thread from the forum menu, or contol panel, (not from within the thread), you get a 404 Error - page not found with a DANIWEB logo above it.

I thought it was originally my problem, but I have used two different PCs, (both XP SP2 unfortunately) in using this site. As they both are set up, and connected in totally different ways, I thought it was an error with either IE6 or this site.

Are you aware of this as being a fault, or is this just me. Obviously it is not a major drama.

If you ever get a 404 File Not Found error, it's always on my end. But I'm confused where the problem is. If I go into the Control Panel, what do I click on to duplicate the error?

Try it on the 'Last Page' navigation link for the Word Association thread in the Geek's Lounge, Dani. That one should be near top of page. The error happens for me also.

The Word Association Thread is a different circumstance. You'll sometimes get errors navigating throughout that particular thread because the server sometimes crumbles under the pressure of having to seek out its 3,500+ posts in the database. However, since it's the only thread of that magnitude on the site and the problem is contained to that one thread, I have not been able to justify the cost of buying a second server quite yet.

I'd think that fair justification for removing the darn thing, Dani. Seems silly to have it if it puts strain on the server. Why not delete it and create a new one in its place? Or perhaps start a fresh new 'game' in its place?

Not as if anyone would be heartbroken about losing postcount from the thing, surely? Matter of fact I'd think it a darn shame that people even GET postcount addition from games such as that!

Let's just lock the thread and start a Word Association Game #2 which continues where that thread left off.

Games are a good way for new members to get familiar with other members and the site design. So I dont recommend deleting a game thread. Cant you archive the old posts of the thread ?