Hey Dani,

Site looks great-- I've been trying to get on and lurk more and more. I noticed, though that under Chrome in Windows XP, the "use code tags" watermark doesn't go away when you click or start typing into the box. I remember it used to, but I thought I'd point it out...

Its not erased in IE8 either. Maybe that is intentional???

I should hope not... If that is the case, then the watermark text needs to be lighter, or something, because I can't read what I'm typing...

Happens to me every once in a while in Firefox on Ubuntu 9.04. Sometimes it goes away and sometimes it doesn't. It doesn't mess with my typing, though.

Just thought I'd throw that out there.

In this new version of DaniWeb (from a few months ago), the watermark no longer goes away when you click. I was hoping that it would help people notice it, and no one complained about it not going away until now, so I figured it was just some additional help with no nasty side effects.

That being said, aside from Alex, who here thinks that it should go back to being removed when clicked upon? Has it been doing any additional help, remaining there?

IMO the watermark should go away after the text area is clicked, it's distracting.

I dunno... i think it might have been a display issue. It was just too dark for me to see what I was typing...

Watermark goes away now.