Hi everybody,

I'm sure that most of you will have noticed that our Blogs are now much more prominently featured at Daniweb. Selected entries from the Blogs are featured on Daniweb's home page as 'News Stories'.

We'd like to be able to feature more of them, so we'd encourage you to get busy Blogging.

In particular, we'd like to see stories which relate to Software Development and Web Development to ensure we get broader content in our news. To date we've had mostly Tech-related stories.

Any worthy Blog entry can be 'featured' on the front page of Daniweb. We're constantly on the look out for suitable contributions. We're continually finding hardly any Blog entries being posted at all!

Consider yourself a budding 'journalist'? Do you keep up with the 'News' and want to share it with the rest of us? Please, can we have some Blog entries coming in?

I would do it, but I'm a terrible writer and I'm loaded down with homework everday.

Maybe your homework could be your blog...

Precalculus isn't exactly a popular topic.

can my blog be featured--i am running the Linux Emperor distro and would love to post the release date and news---i just posted an intro to Linux Emperor Edition

Any blog whatsoever can be featured as news. That happens for individual blog entries, not for the entire blog as an automatic process. I (and others) read all blog entries posted, and constantly live in hope that articles appear for which we can click on the 'Edit' button and change the 'Feature as news?' control to 'Yes'.

We're looking for well written articles which are focussed on IT/Technology news and developments, and when they appear they most certainly will be featured on front page. We're not looking for brief entries of only a few lines, or for lengthy pieces which have been copy/pasted from elsewhere. Original articles which have inspired original pieces here should be duly linked and credited, of course, but we're looking for people to write up their own explanations and interpretations of the subject matter.