Not sure where bug reports should go, so I'm posting mine in feedback.

This morning when I logged in to DaniWeb, instead of getting the redirect page, I somehow obtained a 'login.php' file for the page instead.

Opening the file in emacs, it contained (in this order):
- A bunch of (apparently) binary junk data
- Some http session information
- PHP source code for the redirect page

I don't know what happened, but I logged out and back in again without any problems.

I'm no expert in PHP or web services, but I'm under the impression that servers aren't supposed to distribute their source code under normal circumstances. Does anyone on the DW team want me to send it to them so they can analyze it?


Do not ask anyone (member or moderator) for help by email or PM

Don't make me give you an infraction! :icon_twisted:

commented: note to self: *never* mess with Nick ;-) +0

Sorry :embarassed:

I didn't mean to get you in trouble, there. :)

I figure it's just garbage data, but bug reports are part of good Internet citizenship. I try to practice what I preach and write them out even when they appear trivial.

So have fun debugging! I certainly hope it's worth the effort.

Oops! Sorry to bug you. It looks like the error was on my side after all!

After looking at another file I got this morning (it happened again), it just seems to be Javascript... not PHP. I guess the binary garbage disoriented me a little bit. So no worries, I suppose. :)

Oh okay, good. :)