If I was a member of techtalkforums would I still be a member of daniweb? Is there anyway someone can find all usernames by March 10th birthday and send the usernames I'll find mine. (I've had so many over the years I can't find it on this forum)

Oh goodness, you've been here quite awhile, now haven't you? techtalkForums and DaniWeb are the same site ... we just changed our name when we expanded to be more than just technical support :) Any old posts you made should still exist.

Unfortunately, with 50,000 members, the number of members with a March 10th birthday is going to be a pretty common occurrence. In fact, it's my mom's birthday as well! In addition, since it's not a requirement to enter your birthday, who even remembers if you entered it back then ;)

I remember that I did enter my birthday because I got e-mails every year reminding me on the site :) Any chance this can be done to get my vintage name back? I'll sift through the names ;)

Unfortunately, for privacy protection reasons, I just don't feel comfortable giving you a list of what could be 150+ registered members. Do you perhaps have an email address that you could have used?