Would it be possible to have negative reputation left by someone who has been banned or is still under "newbie" status or that may be a personal attack hidden? I sometimes post questions asking for help related to an issue at work - I hand out the threads to fellow employees so they too can track the new messages. There are reputation comments on my profile (one in particular) that I would not exactly want my co-workers to see... regardless of how ludicrous the comment is.

I think they'll understand the kid forgetting his meds and flipping out. It's the internet.

The rules apply for all text on Daniweb including reputation comments.

Keep It Pleasant

* Do not post anything with malicious intent against another member, including, but not limited to, racist, sexist or religiously prejudiced remarks
* Do not post insults or personal attacks aimed at another member
* Do not use offensive or obscene language
* Do not try to bypass the DaniWeb inappropriate language filter

As you can see, the comment you're referring to breaks all of the above rules. For that it could get censored.
The problem however is that we "normal mods" do not have that power, so you'll have to wait for Dani, Davey or maybe ~s.o.s~ to help you out on this.

I have given a keep it pleasant warning to the member concerned, but as he was only here for a few days in the summer I doubt he will read it.

As for the offensive rep itself, I'm afraid that I do not have the ability to delete that.

Maybe Dani can help?

>I think they'll understand the kid forgetting his meds and flipping out. It's the internet.

Regardless, it presents an unprofessionalism for the board as a whole - something I wouldn't want to be associated with. If they aren't regulars to DaniWeb, they have no idea of the real reputation.

Thanks for the response everyone. I appreciate the support - hopefully Dani can chime in here sometime.

Their reputation comment has been deleted, although the reputation itself still exists.

Thank you - that is all I wanted. :)