I have noticed, since last night, that there is fluctuations in the member panel calculations.

When checking my daily activity on my panel, I had 126 points. I then continued to the member rank page where it showed 57. I thought it was the daily cut off, but when I went back to my panel (reloaded) it showed 126 again. I also had 64 posts for March, when checking about an hour later, it was on 24 and my activity on 54.

Any idea why this is happening?

This seems to go hand in hand with my previous thread. Attached is 2 pics which shows the geeks lounge I have just visited. It showed messages from yesterday as very recent. The second pic is the actual replies on the thread, which is 2 pages ago. Most of the other forums I went in to was "delayed" posts, I had to refresh every page to get the most current. This is still happening after I have cleared out all cookies and temp files with no other sites in memory.

Pic 3 shows the same page as pic2 reloaded.

All seems to load fine now, thanks all.