I have noticed, since last night, that there is fluctuations in the member panel calculations.

When checking my daily activity on my panel, I had 126 points. I then continued to the member rank page where it showed 57. I thought it was the daily cut off, but when I went back to my panel (reloaded) it showed 126 again. I also had 64 posts for March, when checking about an hour later, it was on 24 and my activity on 54.

Any idea why this is happening?

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This seems to go hand in hand with my previous thread. Attached is 2 pics which shows the geeks lounge I have just visited. It showed messages from yesterday as very recent. The second pic is the actual replies on the thread, which is 2 pages ago. Most of the other forums I went in to was "delayed" posts, I had to refresh every page to get the most current. This is still happening after I have cleared out all cookies and temp files with no other sites in memory.

Pic 3 shows the same page as pic2 reloaded.

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