On programmingforums.org if there is anything you can do about the Administrator "Ancient Dragon" please help. I'm done using programmingforums.org because of him.

I have asked two questions on this site so far and both times he answers with something completely worthless and insulting. I asked the administrator to stop allowing him to post on my threads only to find out HE was the administrator. I then posted the second question again explicitly asking him to not answer and he closed that one.

I don't know how anyone like that got administrator access but I'm not going to put up with it. If there is anything you can do to remove his access or correct his behavior please help.

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Welcome to daniweb community.
Sorry for that, please just try to read through the forum rules to be sure you're doing the right thing, for example this post should be in the DaniWeb community feedback forum, I believe you're in the right place, I've learned a lot here and I hope you do too.

Welcome again.
See your posts.


Why should anything be done about him? I read through your thread there. You started acting like a jackass and your thread got closed. I don't see the problem as being on his side there.

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I agree. AD commented as he saw it, explaining why he would suggest not doing it. Then you became belligerent and condescending.


He was banned not for what he said to and about me, but for spamming all the forms on PFO with a post nearly identical to this one. And I closed his threads to avoid pissing contests and/or flame wars, which is where those threads were headed. Up until he spammed all the forums his posts were entirely within the limits of the Rules, therefore no infractions or warnings.

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seanmchugh.info i also joined Daniweb recently and found no problem or any threatening behavior on my postings yes i got some negative votes but i know what was the problem... And off the record i don't have any personal relation with any of the mods or admin :D including AD if I can survive then why not you???? Think about it and you will get the answer

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