To do rules of DaniWeb more easy to grasp I have one idea for discussion (there is certain post at the moment in Other Languages as immediate cause, for other background see my Homework Challenge post)

My suggestion:

DaniWeb voluntaries help you with 10% of the effort that you show us (and 10% of 0% is not much!) !

And how do you intend to calculate the 10%? Once I reach 10% do I just stop in mid sentence?

I mean to suggest that the poster invest their hundred percent effort and we can invest our 100% help, but it is not our only job and they are not the only one to help. So the symbolic 10% (suggesting correct answer how much effort they should give: 100%)

Also the poster must invest from themself the bulk of program and we can help to finalize or go through road blocks. So the result will be also OPs. Of course this is appropriate to home works type questions, not all forums.

Maybe sometimes we can do it father's style preparing wall from tiles and letting the son to place the last tile to wall and returning home to eat telling proudly "we did the wall together". Generally not the correct way though.

I think we already to something similar -- people who post "gimme the code" are ignored and/or down voted. Regular DaniWeb members do not generally provide answers to postes who show little or no effort. That's probably about the best we can expect.

The purpose of this single line is to be as 'Quick Guide' for that said rule, as to get it known to new posters. To shorten the message. I think shortness is often virtue making things clearer (maybe the longer version still easily available as full User Guide)

You know 'If everything else fails read the manuals/forum rules.'. Of course there is those who can be educated and those whose purpose is to ignore the rules, misuse by purpose...

Write it up and post it here. If it makes sense, Dani can move it where it will do the most good.