EVERYTIME I want to post or go to my control panel I'm having to log in again. Is there something that needs to be fixed or is there something I can do from my end?

If this just happened, it might be because I recently created a rule in the Apache .htaccess file to redirect http://daniweb.com/ to http://www.daniweb.com/

Therefore, your cookie might be of the wrong domain. Try clearing your daniweb.com cookie and that should fix the problem.

I didn't have any cookies from DaniWeb but whatever you did seems to have solved the problem so thank you.

BTW . . . The youngest member of my family (my niece) and the one everyone adores has the name Dani (Danielle). Is it the same in your family?

Well I'm an only child but I do have four younger cousins! :) I like to think I'm adored anyways ;)

Aww, shucks