I have a question regarding the activity point rules. How these are given to the users. I just happened to check a members account who has 3390 posts more than 1500 reputation points and more than 20 solved threads but still he has earned less 300 activity points why? i mean 3 points are given to aone post and if we calculate his posts then his points should be arround 10000 but why he has earned that few point? Can any one from the admin or moderators side clear this thing to me ???

Thanks for attention :)

Activity points is something that was started here just within the last few months, I don't recall when. But everyone started out with 0 activity points and went from there. That's why you will see some members with large post count and small activity points. Take me for example. I have a huge post count but not so large activity points because I'm not as active here at DaniWeb as I once was.

If you are not regular on daniweb you won't have a lot of activity points. If you log in to daniweb maybe once a week your activity point will not be very high compare to login in every day and post. Take me for example. Also it depend on what year you will join. If you join in 2003, and have not been back to daniweb for 7 years, your activity point will be very less like what AD said, the activity point stuff started last year. I think what i said is confusing, do yo think so?

>> I think what i said is confusing, do yo think so?
Clear as mud :)

Thanks AD It was very clear and jingda AD is right about your post too :D

You are welcome abelLazm. That is why AD and me are here for, to help others.

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