I was just trying to find a way to deleted my profile and membership with db. I just think my time could be better spent elsewhere and would like my info and subscription completely removed.

Please advise.


Will not happen. Read the other threads regarding this issue.
If you feel that way, then just stop posting :).
Edit your profile to remove any personal stuff and you're all set to go.

Are you guys bringing personal grudge into this thread? You can't delete your account, if you want to quir DB which i don't want myself just let your account die by itself. Don't post for a few months and people will gradually forget you, you will also automatically won't receive daniweb email subscription if you never come back for a long time.

Good luck with that! Hint: you out of luck daniweb membership is like a bad virus - once you get you'll never get rid of it, also have fun trying to unsubscribe from all the emails you will be getting once in a while from this site. If you had a misfortune of using your actual real email address when you joined, I feel for you mate!

daniweb membership is like a bad virus - once you get you'll never get rid of it

Step 1) Remove all personal information
Step 2) Disable contact options
Step 3) Log out
Step 4) Enjoy the effect of a deleted account

The only hard part is ignoring the temptation to log back in because Daniweb is such an addictive community.

have fun trying to unsubscribe from all the emails you will be getting once in a while from this site

You make it sound like unchecking a check box in the control panel is an insurmountable feat. :icon_rolleyes: You're bitter that we don't delete accounts[*], I get that. But if you're going to badmouth us, at least do so without resorting to blatant lies. There are plenty of legitimate problems to complain about without inventing new ones.

[*] You get no sympathy because all of this stuff is very clearly outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy. Just like a software EULA, you can accept without reading it, but it's your own damn fault for entering a binding contract without understanding the consequences.

That's the problem - I unchecked those boxes in the past and was still receiving email updates. They only stopped after I reported the sender - this site as a spammer to Gmail and then gmail started blocking your emails - at least for my account. I'm sure if more people report this to gmail then maybe it will just block @daniweb.com for everyone. It's easy - Gmail has "report as spam" button - just use it, it really is the only option sometimes.

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You need to unsubscribe from threads that you have set to receive email notification on.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to have "don't subscribe" as the default. IIRC, it defaults to email subscription.

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You don’t want members to go AWOL on your community. It stands to reason then, that the very last thing you ever want to do as a community manager is actually delete someone’s account. However, members will sometimes request that you do just that.

Depending on the reason, you might want to wait a couple of days for the member to cool off. If this doesn’t work, or there are circumstances behind the request that you sympathize with, you can ‘delete’ an account without disrupting your community too much.

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Instead of deleting a member, here is what I normally do:

1. Change the member’s username.
2. Clear the member’s profile data.
3. Delete/edit the member’s email address.
4. Change the password so the account can no longer be accessed.

Now, the member is no longer associated with your community or personally identifiable and the community doesn’t lose existing content.

This may not work in every case, but it’s a good first option to discuss with your want-away member.