I was poking around in the Control Panel and noticed the Event Reminders link down at the bottom. Being a nosy sort, I clicked on it and was unsurprised to discover I had no reminders.

However, I then clicked on the Calendar link near the top of the page and was taken to a general calendar. Cool, I thought. So I tried to navigate to this year and WAS surprised that the drop-down list only went to 2010.

I thought the world was supposed to end in December of 2012, not 2010!!! Did I miss it? Dang!

Anyway, is this feature is simply not used anymore, or is it on a list somewhere of "things that need fixin'...someday"?

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[Dumb Question]Ok, what are DaniWeb Community Events?[/Dumb Question] I don't have any listed in my control panel. The link that Kraai posted seem to be just a list of people's profiles.


My list also stop at december 2010. From what i see, it appears to be a list of people birthday. Maybe in the month of june there are about 20 member here in daniweb that are born on the same month, the list are like a reminder. Maybe dani create
d that to celebrate people birthday. That's what i think. And after that she maybe stop updating the reminder. Reason i think

- Posters hardly come back to daniweb thus does not make any sense to celebrate their birthday every year when they don't even reply
- Posters using fake data of birth but pretty unlikely.
- Not on the top priority of dani to do list or she is too busy.

So what do you guys think?

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Well, I think it's a good idea to congratulate people on their birthday if you have it, but a calendar with all of those birthdays... doesn't seem too useful to me.

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