OK, so this morning I see that the folder icon in the forum list is yellow, meaning there is something unread since my last visit.

In I go, and there is a big fat "You can only see threads that you have started"

I haven't started anything there, so why is it telling me there is something unread?

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You must not have your Little Orphan Annie decoder ring from Ovaltine
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AFAIK, you can create threads there, which would effectively be news "tips" you want to offer to the Daniweb editorial section. These submitted threads (apart from your own that is) can only be viewed by those who have the "blogger" privilege activated. My guess is that since the last time you marked the forum as read, someone might have submitted a "tip" effectively tripping the flag but since you don't have the rights to view that forum, hence the message.

Or so I think... :-)

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I think that forum was marked for closure. It's on "the list" ;)

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list? what list? can I make suggestions!?
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