Hi all
I was on break and just came back to Daniweb.
I saw some great changes here like texteditor and user menu on top.
I have some problems, admins please guide me
firstly i am not having any email if someone replies to articles, i have posted in and secondly in controlpanel, i am not seeing my member badge

and congrats for the new look again :)

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Firstly, thanks!

Secondly, please bare with us :) It actually isn't just a design change. The entire site was completely migrated over to a new platform, so a lot of things are different under the hood. As of right now, you will only receive one email a day with all article updates for articles that you are watching. Please make sure that you have checked in your control panel to automatically watch articles that you post in.

Also ... what member badge are you talking about?


in old look, there was some javascrpt code given by dani web to embed in site on basis of reputation points, solved threads.
if i am not wrong then its name was member badge.

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