I know you are busy fixing bugs and tweaking (and I very much appreciate the effort) but I have a suggestion to slightly tweak the email notification. The old system would not send an email to tell me that there was a new posting on a watched thread if the new posting was made by me. Would it be a big deal to incorporate that into the new system?

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Watched. These are threads to which I have posted. I get a notification of a new post

1) whenever I post a new comment
2) whenever anyone else posts a new comment

I really only need #2


Hmm. Watched article notifications already exclude any articles where the last poster is also the watcher. I'll dig deeper and see if I can find out what's going wrong.

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I definately also get threads where I was last poster also listed:

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@Reverend: It must have been lost in the mail. :D
Look at the bright side, you are not the last poster. Users... always look for something to nag (I'm joking of course).

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