I just want to suggest that Daniweb add a 'save as draft' option when creating new posts.

I think it would be helpful to those who take a lot of time writing their posts, and to those who stop at the middle of writing to check ideas, but want to continue writing their post later on...

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Quite good idea
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Good idea...auto save to draft will be a better option.

option when creating new posts.


That would definitely be useful, it did happen to me quite a few times that I lost a fairly lengthy post because of a temporary loss of internet connection or by accidentally navigating away from the thread's page. It would be nice if there was an automatic draft saving, and if you come back to a thread's page (within a certain time period) it could tell you "you have drafted a reply earlier, would you like to recover it?". And also, to being able to click on a "save draft" button to keep it more permanent.


We currently have a handful of issues and bugs related to our editor that I'd like to get straightened out 110% before making even more changes to the way it works.

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