The live editor preview that appears beneath the editor as you type (showing you what the final markup will look like in realtime) ... Yay or nay?

Personally, I like it. Very helpful when editing news and review articles to be able to see the layout etc before I hit the publish button.

So a yay from me, but with the nay proviso that maybe making it toggle on and offable wouldn't be a bad compromise idea for those who hate it?

Nay for me, but am used to typing markdown. Agree with happygeek on the toggle, for those who like it ;)

^ +1; what this guy said.

I don't like it, I find it confusing. The toggle idea is a good alternative, maybe put it in our profile page.

Toggle button is good. I want the preview, I just don't want the "live/realtime" preview, or I at least want to be able to turn it on and off.

I see three potential alternatives:

  1. Keep the live preview, but let us toggle it with a check box (and remember the choice).
  2. Keep the live preview, but let us toggle it with a profile option.
  3. Ditch the live preview in favor of a preview request (perhaps in an AJAX popup).

I'm actually in favor of #3. After using it, the live preview is nifty but confusing. I find myself constantly clicking on the preview to set the cursor for editing...

Yay for me (it would have been nay a month ago, now I have grown to like it), but I like the toggle idea.

For me it is little confusing as actual edit window has kind of half preview with the markup also showing. Also when the post is long and I am using mobile, even only to edit small typo, it is making it harder than necessary. Mostly it is OK, but not so much necessary. Only to confirm that those huge whitespace added my Code button will not stay visible. I mostly type markup by keyboard, not using buttons.

Sor + 1/2

Yay for me. It's my second day using it (I went away for a long time) and I'm absolutely loving it. pyTony has a point though, about long posts. Maybe make it somewhat scrollable, so it won't change the page size that much, scrolling as you type.

I'm also in favor of a toggle option. I agree with deceptikon in that an AJAX popup would be unintrusive, though I'd rather see my output as I write. Perhaps though this could be included in the options panel for the Preview Pane? Maybe options can be:

  • Off
  • On (live preview)
  • On (pop-up preview)

pyTony has a point though, about long posts.

After you type a reall long post, you can click on the preview to make it go away, so there isn't any scrolling involved to find the submit button.