As editor of the DaniWeb Community Newsletter, I always welcome your feedback as to what I could do better. So, if there's anything you don't like about it, here's your chance to get it off your chest. Likewise, please do let me know what you do like as well of course.

However, the main point of this posting is to ask for your suggestions for new features that you would like to see covered in the newsletter. What's missing that you think would make it a better, more interesting and more useful read for the community?

Not directly related to the content but I'll "get if off my chest" anyways. We need an easy way to access past newsletters and a pretty visible link at the top so that new members can click and read some old stuff, interviews etc. I think that this feature has been missing for quite some time.

And to be a bit more on-topic, I think a brief extract/gist of the latest and greatest discussions which happen in the community feedback forum, area 51 needs to go in that newsletter to make it a bit more spicy (please do ignore is this is already the case).

Perhaps an interesting riddle or piece of trivia that gets asked one month and answered the following month?

Not computer trivia but still interesting trivia - can anyone tell me why The Enterprise registration number is "1701"?

I like the trivia/question idea Dani. This could actually be posed in the newsletter one month with a link to a Geeks' Lounge article where members can post their answers, and a selection of the best/funniest published the next. A good way to tie in some member interactivity with the newsletter content.