I happened to be browsing the code snippets in vb.net and I noticed that in the thread list, a code snippet I contributed a while back is credited to "Reverend Jim", however when you go to the actual snippet, it is listed as

By It's just a nickname on May 20th, 2012 10:05 am

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I believe this is done intentionally. It pulls your "full name" from your profile instead of your nickname to try to make it a bit more personal:
Taken from your profile (Full Name: It's just a nickname)

I'm not entirely sure if this is the case, but it appears to be the field it's pulling. we'll follow up with Dani to clarify how it "should" work.

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The reason we do it this way is because we consider forum posts more community-oriented (and therefore use your username) while editorial articles, code snippets, etc. often tend to be used on resumes, in portfolios, etc., and in other more professional circumstances, and therefore we use your full name.


I'm back :) I had a good vacation, but upon returning home, I found SOOOO MANY THINGS A MESS, traffic significantly down, Google issues galore, revenue problems, and so much else that went wrong in my absense, and I'm feeling incredibly overwhelmed right now.

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