I found 2 minor bugs with the navagation system of daniweb a while back, but i just felt like i should inform you of them incase you didn't know of them already. The first is that when hovering over "coffee house" the drop down menu gets cut off to the search boxes on the right (as seen in picture 1). The second is when hovering over any drop down menu, the dotted lines that seperate the different topics within the drop down menu extend 2 dashes past the end of the boxes (seen in photo 2).

If you already know of these I am sorry, but i just thought you would like to know. :)


Thank you for bringing these to my attention. I was not aware of either problem. However, until IE7 is officially released, it is nearly impossible for me to debug. I don't have IE7 on my system, and trying to fix CSS issues that pertain to one browser and not another would require multiple IE7 testers to validate that this issue is not related to a personal setting on your computer, for instance. Right now, all of my CSS validates by the W3C, so without playing around with IE7, it's hard to figure out what is going wrong. I will look into these issues as soon as I can! :)

I understand what you mean, but i just tested it on my laptop (fresh install of xp with ie7 and no tweaked settings) and it does it aswell.

For all I know, it could be a bug in a beta version of IE7 :) As soon as IE7 is released, I'll install it and make sure DaniWeb works with it.