"Sorry, you're not allowed to do that."

Tried searching for it with no success.

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New members can only send replies to PMs, rather than create new ones, until they have made 10 contributions to the forums. This was implemented to stop the flurry of scammers/spammers who were using our PM system. As you now have the requisite 10 posts you should be able to send PMs. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we had to do something to prevent the scammers from being able to abuse DaniWeb in this way.


As you now have the requisite 10 posts you should be able to send PMs.

Thank you,Happygeek, but I'm facing the same message:
"Sorry, you're not allowed to do that."

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Our permission/ranking system isn't strictly by post count. Specifically, the difference here is between a Newbie Poster and a Community Member. Once you've reached the threshold of either 15 reputation points or 5 posts plus 5 days since joining, your rank will automatically go from Newbie Member to Community Member. At that point you'll have all permissions allowed for Community Members, including the ability to send private messages.


Sorry about that, it was a bug. Everyone was seeing the button in member profiles to send a PM to the member regardless of whether or not they had permission to do so. Fixed :)


Thank you.
Please include this rule somewhere such as "Keep It Spam-Free".

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