I have a computer with good specs and I use Ubuntu 12.04.
Firefox 15.0.1
When I switch from another tab to a Daniweb tab, and I move my mouse down, there is this big ad at the top of the page (it is supposed to make the rest of the page ,but itself, go dark). My Firefox crashes right at that moment.
This happens everytime and has happened way too many number of times.
I thought I'd report it.

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Same with me,

It can get rather annoying, especially with the ad placement. You come down from openning a new tab and you hit it square in the middle, I've had to start waltzing around it to get to the 'Watched Article' section etc.


That really shouldn't be happening. For the time being, go to the profile page and check the 'disable ads' checkbox. See if that makes a difference. Hopefully Dani will pick up this bug report when she is online.

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Not sure, it sometimes crashes for me and sometimes doesn't.
I've noticed it shall crash more on my laptop, not sure why though...

I run Windows 7 64 Bit on both.


Experiencing the same problem on firefox 16.0.2. Has anyone found a cause for this? Mine crashes when I move to another tab and try to return to Daniweb. Immediately I click on the Daniweb tab, it just crashes.

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