I use firefox as my default browser. While browsing daniweb for past 2 weeks I was getting menus at wrong place. I thought you will fix it as you guys do so regularly. But I think nobody reported it yet.(I havent checked old articles). I have uploaded images so you will understand the problem. I use firefox with adblock.

And initially I was typing this article in firefox and I came to know that I am not getting option to upload files too. So now writing it from Internet Explorer.


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Are you zoomed in 100%?

I dont know cause I didnt find any option to check that. I zoomed page a bit and menus are ok now, but now everything is bigger than I am used to see. Tell me if you know how to check zoom in firefox.

But still there is problem that I cant upload file from firefox.

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Press Ctrl+0 to reset the zoom level to 100%. What happens when you try to upload? What's the error message?


No actually I dont get option with textbox and button to browse files.
And ya menu is perfect at 100% zoom level. Thnx


No actually I dont get option with textbox and button to browse files.

Ah I did my part now marking it as solved!

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