When I want to copy all the code into the clipboard all I do is double-click then copy. That works ok. But what if all I want is a few lines of the code to paste into an existing program? There is no way to do it because when I double-click the code everything is scrunched up into one line on the screen. If I just highlight lines then press Ctrl+C all the line feeds and tabs are lost when I past it into the vc++ editor.

So any other suggestions how to easily do it, except for just retyping it of course.

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I can't seem to reproduce what you're describing. It works fine for me when I copy only a select few lines. I've pasted into Eclipse, Notepad++, and regular old Notepad.exe and they all retain proper formatting. I'm using Chrome.


This is a known Internet Explorer bug. I couldn't figure out how to get around it, and it's a widely known bug that I'm pretty sure Microsoft has already acknowledged they're going to fix in their next version, so I stopped trying.


Ok, thanks Dani. I guess I'll use Chrome when I want to do that.

[edit]I just installed Chrome (again), it works ok.

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