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I'm not sure I understand the question. You can reset your password from the login popup, and the only way that wouldn't work is if you no longer have access to the email address assigned to the account.

Nevermind, I see what happened now. As the warnings clearly state when you try to delete an account, it's not a reversible process. Sorry.

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Oh God :(
Accidentally I deleted the ACcount ... Is there is noWay?

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Accidentally I deleted the ACcount ...

How do you accidentally delete your account? It's intentionally a chore to reach the point of no return; you'd have to be intent on permanently deleting the account.

Is there is noWay?

I'm going to go with "there's no way".

We could technically do it with manual edits to the database and memory cache, but the risk involved is far too great. I'm not keen on potentially boogering up all of Daniweb just because you didn't read the many warnings on the path to deleting your account. Sorry.

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IT didn't gave any wornings That's y
It's ok I created new Account Thank You

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