Has anyone looked at why I can't attach files to posts using FireFox? I'm currently on FireFox 16.0.2 but I had the same problem with previous versions.

What happens when you try? Please be VERY detailed.

I click on "Files" and the "Upload Attachments" window appears with the text that says "Files will automatically..." but no text controls or browse buttons. It's been like that for months.

Windows, Mac or Linux?

FireFox 16.0.2 on Windows 7 Pro version 6.1, build 7601 Service Pack 1.

When starting a new thread, when posting to an existing thread, and/or when editing an existing post?

In all forums or only in certain ones?

Please be very detailed and give me exact reproducable steps.

Let's take this thread. I click on "Files" and this is what I see


That's from FireFox (I'm currently replying using IE9 so I can attach the screen capture). Not a lot of compliciated steps to reproduce. The results are the same whether I post here or in VB.Net.

I can't reproduce this in Firefox 15.0.1 and Windows 7. However, it smells just like an HTML/Javascript parse error that most web browsers are forgiving and Firefox is just getting caught up in the bug.

Upgraded to 16.0.2 and still can't reproduce :(

Can you please post the full HTML source code for the page, both being logged in on FF and also being logged in on IE?

This page - two files

uploadff.htm - FireFox version
uploadie.htm - IE version

There's no difference between the two files, meaning that it has to be something related to a "syntax" error on the JS/HTML side. Just a stab in the dark, and it probably won't work, but can you try clearing out your browser cache?

Clearing the cache did it. I don't know why but now I know what to do if it happens again. Incidentally, the two html files I posted are not identical. When I do a DIR I get

2012-11-04  20:48            46,851 uploadff.htm
2012-11-04  20:50            93,848 uploadie.htm

and if you load the files into Notepad you will se they are different. I suspect from the size of the files and the way they display that the IE file is unicode.

They would not be exactly identical because there is CSRF protection and such that makes every page request slightly different. However, when attempting to save the two files locally to my disk (I have a mac), they were not very different in size. Odd that you're seeing something totally different.

Very shocked clearning the cache did it. That doesn't make sense considering you said the problem persisted across multiple browser installations.