Hi Moderators and Everyone,

I posted recently about a question that I have about my code in C++ but the way I did which is possibly wrong (I did in 3 steps/replies) won't catch perhaps any attention/reply - it will probably stay that way.

If that's so, can I repost it or just leave it?

Big thanks.


Well! I checked up your thread. Yes! There were problems in how you posted it. Notable one being that, you didn't mention what your code was supposed to do with the error you are getting.

It would be very difficult(Sometimes near impossible) to read what a program does, just from the codes...... SO you much first post what the code is supposed to do..... Then the code itself...

Offcourse! You did it well on the fourth post. And yes! I think you should repost it. Maybe use the same name for the thread. And modes will take care of the rest......

Good Luck......

Hi PrimePackster,

Thanks for your reply. I was able to work on it today and have gotten a reply about it which really answered my questions. I marked it as solved and I assume in this case I don't need to repost it. Thanks again.


which really answered my questions

Good to know that... Congrats......